Canimals at Eastern Market

Today was a beautiful day in the District to go out exploring, hiking, or shopping.

And on days like these one of my favorite places to go is Eastern Market, DC’s oldest continually operated fresh food public market.

While there, my roommates and I found some of the coolest artwork we have ever seen. And get this: its recycled. These sculptures of giraffes, elephants, lions, turtles, dragonflies and more are all made out of recycled aluminum cans! So who’s the artist?

Manatho Shumba Masani started creating these fantastic figurines eight

years ago. He says he’s always been creative, has always been an artist and one day he just wanted to create a way to get rid of all the cans around his house! Masani has been at Eastern Market for five years now, been featured at the Smithsonian, and is currently featured at American University’s Museum at the Katzen Arts Center! The smaller giraffes take Masani about 6 hours and the large giraffes (which are actual baby giraffe size!) take him around 3 weeks! So next time you have a few hours jump on the orange or blue line to Eastern Market and visit Masani! And make sure to bring him your extra aluminum cans!


3 comments on “Canimals at Eastern Market

  1. ahhh i love him! i saw him there last weekend and i wanted everything he made! i will definitely bring him some cans next time!

  2. madison r on said:


  3. just went and got myself an elephant ! I will send you the pic green fairy!

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